Our company have been manufacturing different kinds of Upholstery Velvet Fabrics, Upholstery Chenille Fabrics in different qualities and different kinds machine made Velvet Carpets, Rugs and Prayer Rugs for more than 23 year.

Our fashionable and genius designs with interesting colours, professional stuff, and 23 years of experience are the factors which enable us to become one of the leading companies in Turkey’s Textile Sector.

Our based Cad/Cam designing and Research & Development departments enable us to offer variety of designs to our customers (we also accept to products the produces according to the designs which come from the customers). Furthermore, Quality Control department supervise different steps of the production process to avoid any problem or decrease of the quality.

The facts which are stated above enable us to export our products to the so many countries all around the world, such as Ukraine – Russia – Poland – Hong Kong – Yemen – Algerie - Saudi Arabia – Libya - Kuwait - Iran – Greece and we are still looking forward for new markets all around the world.


by Performans